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In the News~ JC Star Headlines

The Jackson County Star has been serving the North Park area since 1913. Weekly I will post In The News featuring headlines you can read about in the Jackson County Star. Enjoy entertaining editorials by Editor & Chief, Matt Shuler. Also gain fishing knowledge in the Fishing Report about water conditions. Other weekly features include the sports section, announcements, Jackson County Chronicles, JCCOA News and the classifieds.

THIS week headlines include:

"Schmidt Headed to State Tourney"

"Sessions Wins Science Fair"

"Unethical Shed Antler Hunting A Growing Concern For State Managers"

"Basketball Season Keeps Moving"

and lastly, the story of a travling toilet painted in Blue and Gold of course!

For more information or to subscribe the Jackson County Star call 970-723-4404 or email:

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