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The Feeling Someone's Watching

The other day while on a walk I sensed I was being watched. I scanned the hillside to find the source.

Many folks would say this is paranoia but the theory of morphic resonance, the idea that there are telepathic interconnections that stem from collective memories, is something I believe in. The source was a Golden Eagle sitting high on a dead tree. I have released many Eagles as a wildlife rehabilitator and so called out as I often do to birds, fox and raccoon, "are you one of mine?"

My feeling is that the Eagle I saw was one I spent almost a year with. She came to me as a orphaned baby from Grand County. She was blown from her nest and found on the railroad tracks. Her primary feathers were damaged and she needed a lot of TLC. I taught her to hunt and nursed her back to good health. In the first picture she is a little ugly duckling and in the second a majestic Eagle, fierce and beautiful. Her name is Storm.

It's pretty cool to experience this mysterious influence. I have always said you are never the same once you have been in the company of an Eagle.

Deb McLachlan

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