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Scramble To Gould To Stomp in the Snow

It was practically demolished when the state created the Colorado State Park. Luckily, the recreation hall was saved and continues to entertain people today.

Original Logo by Ann Ewy

One special event it hosts is the Gould Ski Scramble and Snow Shoe Stomp. Posters decorate the walls commemorating the earliest Ski Scrambles dating back to 1985. They also tell a history on the purchase of the building, and offer a memorial to Ann Ewy. Ewy was one of the founders of the Ski Scramble and designed the first logo, which has a permenant home now enlarged on the wall.

To preserve the history of the Gould Community Center other items are showcased as well. There are two relics of the POW camp on the wall behind the stage. The 4-H clubs also have a commemoration on the front of the fireplace.

Gould Ski Scramble Race, Bron Austin Deal

This weekend the Gould Ski Scramble and Snowshoe Stomp will kick off a fun day of activities. The race features multiple options for skate and open ski, classic, 5 and 10 k options, Snowshoe Stomp and a kids race. More information can be found on our website

The Rounders playing at the Community Potluck, Byron Austin Deal

Following the festivities in the snow, guests are invited to attend a community pot luck and dance featuring the band Rounder. Rounder has been entertaining the masses for 30 of the 32 years!

We leave you with a teaser to come and participate in our event...Gould Ski Scramble

32nd Annual Ski Scramble & Snowshoe Stomp
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