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Love And Compassion Knows No Borders

What purer form of love and compassion could you possibly find than Miss Morgan Hutcheson? You all know her, and her family.

Morgan Hutcheson

Her Senior Project trip to Mexico expanded Morgan's life in a way no textbook or classroom experience ever could have. Her humility and heart of service were evident every step of the way; from being teachable by her mentor here in Walden, to reaching out in love on the streets of Mexican villages. From smiling and laughing, playing with and caring for mothers and children, to food preparation and clean up with that same smile and helpful attitude, Morgan stretched herself and gave and gave, even when she was tired or not feeling well. That's who she is, and we were privileged to work alongside her, to love unconditionally and care for human beings in dire need.

Morgan caring for children in Mexico

Morgan is mature beyond her years, not just in outward actions, but in her very soul, where true compassion finds its roots and strength to be carried out. Some questioned why she did not find a similar project here at home, in Walden; and I submit that, if you ever observe Morgan in her everyday life, you would see that she does live that “project” daily. Ask her peers, and family, and co-workers about the ”project” that exudes from Morgan in the purest and most touching form, 24/7/365.

This trip expanded her horizons and heightened her awareness in a way that hanging out in privileged, self-centered, politically correct America

never could have. I wish every student could be exposed to a larger view of the world than what we are spoon fed by our media over the screens of life; and get such an impacting hands-on, life-changing experience as Morgan chose for herself and carried out in the most complete way imaginable.

No textbook or classroom can ever impact your life and heart like holding a precious, abandoned baby for hours, then having to place him back into a (non safety approved - by American standards) crib in a big lonely room, to cry himself to sleep - again; knowing that he will live his first 18 years out in this environment where workers haven't the time or the heart to give him anything but the most basic needs, like food & shelter, for all those years.

Anyone who questions, attacks or chooses to deny Morgan the incredibly effective Senior Project that she chose, meticulously planned and raised funds for, and bravely carried out, should be chastised and required to sit with her for even a few minutes, to discover the impact that this specific project had on this very special young lady. I challenge you to take the time to do just that.

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