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Why We Serve North Park Beef

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Over the course of many years of developing through some long trials and some errors, it came to me that the best served burger or steak should come from a localized source. Here in North Park, our ranchers raise some of the best, high quality, high altitude beef.

I don’t know if it’s the thin air, the premium hay (also grown in North Park) or the long hours that the ranchers put into everyday seeing that the herd is tended to. Regardless, the beef produced in North Park/Walden, Colorado is second to none for taste, tenderness, and comes to your table hot and juicy, compliments of the chef Steve Fry and the kitchen staff.

Mushroom & Swiss Bue

Noted by so many of our customers as “the best burger, ever” we take pride in knowing that our beef, locally raised, is so well liked that people come from great distances to delve into their desire for pure satisfaction. Whether it’s a steak, hamburger, or Steve’s smoked meatloaf, North Park beef is where it’s at.

A few years back one of our customers child, who was visiting from the Midwest, wrote a essay about the Moose Creek Burger. At just 10 years old she related that her family travelled a lot and stated the burger was the best they had ever eaten, anywhere. I guess that says quite a bit about the quality of North Park beef.

We also utilize our neighbors at North Park Meats for our breakfast sausage, ground and seasoned for our Country Gravy which has become a huge hit with the breakfast crowd smothering an order of biscuits.

As a local business owner it makes me proud that our local producers put so much into providing a quality product for our customers.


James Carothers is an active businessman and community member serving on boards for the Jackson County Lions Club and the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce. He organizes the Annual 9 Health Fair and his business sponsors the North Park Never Summer Rodeo. He hosts many work exchange interns from abroad you can meet while dining at the Moose Creek Cafe in Walden.

Please find more information about the Moose Creek Cafe online or follow them on Facebook.

James Carothers

Moose Creek Cafe

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