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Ranching Lifestyle Serves Us All

Allen & Jeannie Jenkins

Some people spend their whole life searching for a home. When we look out our backdoor, everything is home.

North Park serves as a home to many people, including our family. We are a local ranching family on the Silver Spur Ranch. Being a ranching family is a little different than a typical family. It's a lifestyle that isn’t fit for just anyone.

Living on a ranch has brought families like ours together to accomplish one main goal; to feed the world. Ranching has instilled hard work,

Allen Jenkins

compassion, thick skin, and courage in all of us.

North Park has also contributed to the personality of our family; not only by giving us a unique place to live but the thought of the community always being by your side in a time of need. We have all gone through rough times where the people we may not get along with are the first ones by our side to show support and encouragement. The ranching community and the community surrounding us have been the things that mean the most to us.

We live each day to make the world better, feed the world, and being there for our neighbors. Ranching is a unique way of life, but we wouldn’t trade it for the world because it is our world. My family is beyond grateful for the opportunity to live this life in such a great place.

Kayla Jenkins as 2016 NPNSR Queen


Allen & Jeannie have raised two talented and service minded young ladies, Kyan and Kayla.

Allen is a 1993 graduate of NPHS and is a strong part of the Silver Spur core. He and Jeannie have raised their daughters ranching in North Park. He's volunteered on the North Park Fair board.

Jeannie is active in the community as well serving on the NPHS Board of Education and volunteering as the 4-H Trailblazers Livestock Club leader.

Kyan is a 2016 graduate of NPHS and attends

Kyan with her  Grand Champion Lamb

college at Northeastern Junior College where she aspires to be a veterinarian. She proudly raised her own herd of show lambs and win many accolades in her showing career.

Kayla is a sophomore at NPHS and is one incredible athlete. She also shows livestock. Both girls have been North Park Never Summer Rodeo Queens.

Jeannie & Allen

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