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Youth Group Feeds My Soul

Youth in North Park have found a way to feed their soul in a weekly retreat at a teen led youth group. Our Youth Group is an opportunity for young people, children through teenagers, to be in communion and escape from the daily grind to have time with God.

Youth Group

Youth group is held at the Christian Life or Mountain View Baptist church on Wednesdays from 6:30 PM-8:00 PM weekly. We gather together to grow in our relationship with the Lord as well as the others around us.

Youth Group

Activities we participate in are worship, a bible study which offers open communication about life and we prepare food. Some of our lessons center on our health, meals and relationships. We learn why cooking healthy meals matters and the importance of our health for relationships.

Youth Group literally feeds our soul by giving us a dose of what’s important in life. It keeps young people away from the corruptness in society. It also opens our hearts and souls to happiness.

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