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Are You At A Crossroad?  Let CHM Feed Your Soul

BJ & Janet Jordan, Crossroads Ministry

For the past eight years, we have had the priveleged opportunity to grow and establish Crossroads Horse Ministry. The ministry was birthed out of two passions;

(1) BJ's love for God and people, colliding with

(2) Enthusiasm for the western way of life

As parents we have earnestly sought to raise our children to love God and His people. Now, we are challeneged daily with our own commission. By the grace of God, we seek to apply these same principles to every person we come in contact with through Crossroads Horse Ministry.

Crossroads Horse Ministry is a 501 (c) (3)

Non-Profit that loves God, people, and the cowboy way of life. At Crossroads we are Passionate about discipleship, community, and scattering seeds of the gospel message.

In the summertime, Crossroads settles itself on the ranch in Mountainous Walden, CO. Here, we use the privilege of caring for cattle as an opportunity to disciple young men who are hired on as interns. As the snow begins to fall in Colorado, crossroads says farewell for a season and heads east to Missouri.

We spend our winters on the road, traveling all across the U.S. putting on ranch roping and horsemanship clinics, colt start events, dog demonstrations, and speaking engagements; all of which are used to create community and share the love of Christ.

Crossroads Newsletter

Crossroads publishes a monthly newsletter to keep their followers up to date on events, as well as share a monthly message that speaks to their heart. Subscribe on the website if you are interested in receiving this newsletter.

The Crossroads Horse Ministry team invites you to watch this video to show a sampling of what we do.

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