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The Essential Ranchwife

Whitney discovered the power of essential oils in 2012 when her youngest son was sick for nine months. After months of watching her six-month-old take prescription after prescription with no improvement Whitney tried essential oils.

After only a couple weeks using oils her son’s health began to improve and he started to gain some weight back. The oils provided his body the support it needed to put the antibiotics to work.

The Essential Ranchwife, LLC was formally established in 2016. After years of proven results in using doTERRA essential oils, ranchwife Whitney Milek decided to make a business out of it. Since that time, Whitney started using oils she has supported her family of four with natural health and emotional wellness solutions using essential oils.

As a ranchwife Whitney has built a business promoting natural health and wellness solutions with doTERRA. The oil usage doesn’t just stop at her family either. Whitney also promotes oil usage for animals from cats to horses. Using oils to calm the nerves of horses and help with pain for her retired cow dog with arthritis.

Outside of promoting essential oil use education, Whitney makes and sells handmade diffuser jewelry, soaps, lotions, massage products, and a variety of other spa products.

Whether you are looking for emotional support, pain relief, or just looking for a home spa experience Whitney has the tools to help you. You can find the Essential Ranchwife online at or on Facebook.

In addition to running her business, Whitney is also on the North Park School Board of Education, a wrestling mom, a senior in college, and an avid outdoorswomen. Her and husband work on the Silver Spur Ranch and raise two young cowboys.

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