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Proud To Call North Park Home

Clint Harvat

My involvement in ranching started when I was 2 1/2 months old. I was riding in a car seat in the front of my parents 67 Ford F-250. My parents took me everywhere they went on the ranch. In May of 1989 at the age of 8 months old we moved to North Park and they worked for Dave Meyring at the Spicer Ranch. I started riding horses with my parents at the age of 1 1/2 by riding in front of one of my parents in their saddle. By the age of six I was riding by myself helping gather, move, and check cows in the pastures. When I was 7 I started driving a rake tractor and by 9 I was operating a mower by myself.

In elementary, and middle school I was in 4-H. In high school I was in FFA which taught me leadership skills, public speaking, organization, recorded keeping, welding, and agricultural mechanics, which have served me well later in life. I was a FFA officer for 3 years. I graduated North Park High School in 2007. After graduating I worked for several different agencies such as Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado Division of Wildlife, Colorado State Parks, and North Park Hospital District as an ambulance driver. I moved back to the ranch in December of 2011. In December of 2013 I became involved with the North Park Fair Board and was a board member for two years. February of 2016 I was elected Vice President.

Clint Harvat

On the ranch (Harvat) I am in charge of the fence fixing crew. I also have some irrigation responsibilities. During haying season I run the Pro Ag bale stacker as well as training any new ranch hands to run the sides deliver rake or our big V rake. In the fall I help with gathering of the forest grazing permit, preconditioning, sorting, and shipping. I move to Nebraska in late November or earlier December I help with putting up electric fence around the corn stalks that we graze until the middle of March when everything is brought to the old feed lot to be calved out. By May we are headed back to North Park.

Growing up in North Park has influenced me in many ways. Being involved in 4-H and FFA has taught me to work hard towards my goals. The community was supportive of me at the North Park Fair and I wanted to give back to that cause, so I joined the Fair Board. Growing up in North Park has also taught me to be ready for whatever mother nature may throw my way, to work with what materials I have on hand because town is a long ways away or the stores are closed for the weekend. North Park is a wonderful community where everyone is willing to help you with a project and never worry about what is in for them, and I am proud to call North Park home.


If you are lucky enough to know Clint you can call him a friend. He is probably the nicest person I've ever met. It was a true pleasure watching him grow into such a fine young man He is a humble guy and failed to mention how successful he is. He raised a number of North Park Born and Raised Steers for the North Park Fair and was a valuable leader as the North Park FFA Chapter Vice President. Clint is an hard worker and always the first to show up and last to leave when help is in need. He also volunteers for the North Park Never Summer Rodeo. The apple doesn't fall far with this cowboy; if you have met his parents, John and Sharon, you know where he gets his traits from. He has a cowboys heart and is a valuable asset to the North Park community.

Clint Harvat

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