My Sixth Sense

NKC Adventures

It's the sound of cold, crisp water trickling over rocks and meandering down a well worn path...

NKC Adventures

It's the feel of fresh air rejuvenating every inch of my body as my thirst for life is quenched...

NKC Adventures

It's the warmth of the sunshine on my face and the breeze at my back enveloping my being...

NKC Adventures

It's the sight of the line releasing back and forth over and over, tickling the surface as a fly taps at it...

It's the taste of natures silent infusion to my body replenishing every ounce of my being...

It's the longing to be at one with creation as we inhale the same breath of life...

It's the mystery of what's held beneath the surface that understands how I tick better than what walks above its cove...

NKC Adventures

It's finding resurrection buried deep below an icy layer of chaos and misgivings...

NKC Adventures

It's the breath of life we both yearn for;

he from exiting the water and me from entering its depth...

Fishing Feeds My Soul!

#FEEDYOURSOUL #northparkfishing #NKCAdventures #Waldencoloradocom

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