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4H Wranglers Hard At Work

2017 4H Wrangelrs Livestock Club

This is a pretty busy year for the 4-H Wranglers Club. We currently have 21 active members, and are getting more all the time. Kids of all ages and interests make up our diverse club.

We have projects ranging from steers to chickens and everything in between. Members show goats, sheep, pigs, poultry, rabbits, steers, and horses; we even have some scrapbooking exhibits. Our club likes to participate in fundraisers and community service activities. We are known for our Sweetheart Bake Sale and our Christmas Caroling. As a club, we take a trip every year as sort of a reward for working so hard, and this year, we voted to go to a trampoline park in Ft. Collins.

On the more educational side of things, we do what we call a ranch tour. It is where all of the club families get together and go around to everyone’s houses to check out their 4-H facilities. This is a way to get new ideas about how to improve upon your facility. We currently have this scheduled in June.

Steer weigh-in was February 5, and Wranglers is proud to announce that we had 3 members weigh in 8 out of the 19 steers. We are very excited for our small animal weigh in on June 3, because so many of our members have small animals. This is going to be another exciting and eventful year for the Wranglers Club.

4H Wranglers Livestock Club

4H Wrangler Club Members are: Abby Altwine Alyssa Myers - Council Rep, Annie Martin - Pledge Aubrey Jordan, Austin Bertron, Darcy Edmonds - Reporter, Kacie Babcock - President, Kimberly Kleist, Lacey Hansen, Laney Jordan, Levi Wofford, Lexi Crews, Magdelena Moya, Mikala Hansen, Nic Martin - Vice President, Nicole Myers - Council Rep, Orlando Martinez, Riggen McKay - Pledge Leader, Shaianna Sabata, Sophie Dilley - Secretary, Tristan Telck - Pledge Leader, Will Martin - Treasurer, Leaders- Sam Martin and Erin Babcock


The Wranglers 4H Livestock Club has served the Stockgrowers Luncheon for at least 20 years. This community service/fundraiser for the club puts them in the middle of local cattleman that provide them the opportunity to have a North Park Fair. This is a great tradition that links the generations of livestock interests together.

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