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When Passing The Buck, Pat Him On The Back

Today we celebrate National Ag Day and I’d

Buck Houston receiving a Special Award from Wade Allnutt at the North Park Stockgrowers Banquet

like, in addition, to share with you a gentleman who is a recognized cowboy “in these parts.” In fact, the North Park Stockgrowers honored him with a special award this weekend so it’s only fitting that in observance of today’s holiday, we make it “Buck Huston Day” in North Park since we love to celebrate great things and cowboy heritage. The story Phil Anderson told at the Annual Stockgrowers Banquet was too perfect to edit so I shall reiterate his speech:

“While a freshman in high school, an assignment was given to the students, by then English teacher Bill Porterfield. He said ‘I want you to write a report on what you want to do in your life.’ So, this young man wrote that he wanted to rodeo, be an auctioneer, a rancher and order buyer and a brand inspector. Well as he grew into a man, Buck Huston was able to accomplish all of these things. For the North Park Stockgrowers Association he has been a highly-respected individual. In October of 1974 he started working as a brand inspector for Jackson County. After working for Marlin De Grout and Les Davis. He and Jack Haworth worked together in the Park (North) for many years until Jack retired. At that time, Buck became brand inspector and continued for 40 years until his retirement in January 2016. It is with great respect for him and the work that he did for us that we salute and honor him.”

Buck came from pioneer roots in North Park and continued the tradition of serving agriculture well into his retirement years. He inspected nearly 50,000 cattle a year by the time he reached the pinnacle of his career. He enjoyed as many a practical joke and prank as he did the cattle he inspected. That’s what makes knowing and working with Buck such a joy. He is a jolly fellow, one that always has a smile on his face and has a conversation to share. He doesn’t know a stranger.

It’s officially been a year since Buck’s retirement now but he hasn’t slowed down. I see him like clockwork each morning attending coffee and kibitzing with the locals at the coffee shop. He continues to cheer on his favorite team, the North Park Wildcats, regardless the season and is enjoying his retired life with a smile on his face. Today we salute Buck and thank him for his years of service. The honor you were bestowed was well deserved.

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