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Humor To Live Here

We are counting down... 6 days until April and the season to laugh!

We LOVE living here in North Park, but sometimes you have to look at the “Humor In Living Here” to make it through the long winter months! The natives truly do get restless and some crazy things have been known to happen here. An example- Planting flowers in the pot holes that are an endless issue on town streets!

Do you have a funny story or incident you would like to share about the humorous side of life in North Park? Our April blog is focusing on the lighter side and would love to hear your stories!

Please share them by 1) using the blog submission post HERE

2) emailing them to or

3) messaging them by Facebook.

We love pictures to add to the stories or a video to accompany.

We already have a lot of submission requests out there to fill the slots. If you want to share your story and haven't been contacted PLEASE jump in!

Posts will start running on April 1st so get those creative juices flowing. Have trouble building a story? Use the BLOG TIPS as some advice in getting your story together! The blog post with the most activity (shares, likes and views) will receive a “I LOVE NP” T-shirt.

Thanks for being a #NorthParkPatriot!

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