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North Park Mushrooms

Living in North Park is truly an honor for us. We bought the “old Johnson Place” in 2005, and felt it has been a blessing ever since. No doubt the winters are not for the faint of heart or the weak in humor! We raise a few Angus cross cattle, Marcy’s beloved sheep and most importantly, North Park grass hay.

Every summer friends and family help us harvest some of the best hay in the world…or so be have been told by our customers. Since summers are short, we have found the best way to survive the winters is to keep a light heart and a good sense of humor.

We noticed several years ago, that when springs starts to tease us, the snow will melt on the ground…but not under the cow patties. Thus forming what we call North Park Mushrooms. Always fun to spot and photograph, they only last a few days.

Then another snowstorm usually hits and we are reminded it’s not Spring time yet!

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