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The Blue & Gold Traveling Toilet

It was another cold, snowy day but the sun was shining when new Principal, Jack Daly came out of his house and was greeted with a Blue and Gold toilet appliqued with yellow paw prints. The mysteriously appearing commode, decorated in full school spirit, apparently was planted by anonymous parents of the Junior Class in an effort to raise money to host a After-Prom Party. The Daly family’s response, “It looked great in the snow and brightened things up a bit. There’s potential as a lawn ornament.”

Like any small town, fundraisers are inevitable and community members feel tapped out by them 9 months of the year. When I open my own freezer, I find a stash of Butter Braids and pizzas I know supported a good cause. Being in North Park we can find the humor in about anything, even fundraising. Especially after surviving a winter “Snowpocalypse” the natives get a bit restless. This year’s Junior Class parents took advantage of the lack of sunlight and wonky moods and have hosted a new type of fundraiser to benefit the greatest of causes.

Blue & Gold Traveling Toilet

The Daly’s home was the first in a series of 15+ homes that have adorned the “Traveling Wildcat Toilet.” Parent and organizer, Christy Dilley said there’s not a real goal in the amount of funds to reach, the idea is to raise whatever they can." The Blue & Gold toilet can be moved for only $10 and is relocated within 48 hours. For a $15.00 fee, it will be moved to a place of the payers choosing. For a whopping $20.00 it can be moved where the payer wishes and there’s a guarantee it will not return to your yard.

The idea came from Dilley’s Mother-In-Law, whose son is the artist behind the porcelain work of art. “The Junior Parents in Salida, CO were hosting the same type of fundraiser, only with a purple commode,” Christy Dilley shared on how they got the idea. The fun with the traveling Blue & Gold toilet will continue until Prom, which is April 29th. That means there’s still amble opportunity to get in on the fun for a good cause.

The After-Prom Party is a lock-in style midnight bash, following the dance. Junior parents have hosted a variety of events from Casio Nights, Pool Parties, Black Light Bowling and Carnival Extravaganzas. Students go home with prizes and gifts from a night of fun, safe activity on Prom night. The celebration is a “good luck and well wishes” event for the Senior Class as they look forward to graduating in just a few short weeks after Prom. All students benefit from the After-Prom event though. The idea is to provide a safe environment for teenagers to go to and still have a good time while they’re still wanting to play hard after Prom. Around $3000 a year in prizes has been passed out in prior After Prom events, which is enough to encourage kids to participate in a fun and safe activity.

We encourage you to get in line and request to have the Traveling Wildcat Toilet moved to your favorite, or not so favorite friend, neighbor or long lost relative. You don’t have to be local to pay and have the toilet moved. The toilet can only be moved to a local residence however. To make your request, or even a donation to the After-Prom Party festivities contact North Park High or EMAIL Christy Dilley. As for the future of the traveling commode, the Daly family is considering remodeling their bathroom in Blue & Gold, or there may be a new toilet in the staff bathroom come fall.

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