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I'm A Gypsy

I wrote this song in the final months of the year I was paralyzed, 2013. The song has a rather melancholy sound, but it really is a song of joy. I wrote it as a kind of identity manifesto and reminder. I was paralyzed in July of 2013, and released from the rehabilitation hospital in October. Over the months of rehab and first few weeks back in Oskaloosa; I found reassurance in my faith as I thought about the weight of what it is to be God’s beloved.

Micah Leaverton in studio

The chorus of the song sings, “I’m a gypsy, I’m a pilgrim, I’m a son, I’m a bride.”

Each verse is connected to each identity found in the chorus.

“Well I’m wanderin’ down this barren road…” - Gypsy

“…the waves they crash and the waves they rise…” - Pilgrim

“…the sweet embrace of my Papa’s heart…” - Son

“…the wedding feast, it’s near not far…” - Bride

I never want to allow myself to lose sight of just how marvelous and wild it is to be known as a child of God. As much as I never want such an allowance, I have found myself forgetting. So I am thankful for this song and I genuinely feel it was a gift from God to me as a reminder of who I am. I’m a son of God and I have yet to fully understand how insanely beautiful such a reality is!

I lived in Walden, Colorado from the age of one ’til I was nearly nine. I was homeschooled and lived in a log cabin. My mom cooked on a vintage wood stove and we had to chop wood out in our woodshed just to have fire-fuel for our meals. I always loved the way it made our house smell. I am so thankful for an early childhood spent in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado. It gave me a genuine appreciation for natural beauty and the awe-inspiring wonder of a snowcapped mountain range.

Micah Leaverton

I give credit to the combination of Walden’s outstanding natural beauty and my parents unending love and kindness in raising me, for helping me better see and slowly begin to grasp the reality of who God is. He is beyond understanding. He is spiritually and simultaneously my Father, Brother, and Husband. Not in any inappropriate way, but in a wildly creative way. God’s love is so vast He has found ways to use the obvious ways we understand love as metaphors to help us better understand His love. He loves me as a perfect father would love his children.

He loves me as a perfect older brother would love his younger brother, and He loves me a perfect husband would love his wife. His love is perfect and He uses the understandings we have of love to paint pictures of His love for us. It is absolutely brilliant!

Please watch this MUSIC VIDEO of Micah and let it FEED YOUR SOUL!

#FEEDYOURSOUL #MicahLeaverton

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