The Dance of the Greater Sage Grouse

Twilight stars glisten in a total moonless sky, before mornings rays explode casting vibrant pinks and oranges star bursting the darkness as morning traverses rugged peaks protruding vertically from earth creating the Continental Divide.

Reflecting off frozen lakes and snow mirroring it's beauty. Caressing blues of pastels from deep blue to light shades romantically soothing.

Enchanted by male Greater Sage Grouse drumming the air, stimulating female Sage Grouse, luring them to mate. Even before the sun emerges male Sage Grouse will go to a "Lek" ( an area usually on top of a sage brush ridge lightly vegetated where several males will strut).

Displaying a beautiful array of tail feathers. Fine delicate feathers protrude from atop of their heads floating weightlessly in the brisk morning air. Chest of white plumage expand swelling with air creating an olive green sack to inflate from their chest, then exhaling causing sound to escape creating a deep thump.

Then repeating as they dance romantically sometimes in the hundreds calling in spring.

This is an excerpt from my new book Wildlife of the Rocky Mountains by: Dale R. Petefish

#DaleRPetefishPhotography #GreaterSageGrouuse

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