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Bold, Daring & Beautiful

Bold, daring and beautiful. Many words are use to describe this magnificent North Park character-eccentric, eclectic, charming, debonair, exciting but never can we call her boring!

Wherever Krissy Shaw shows up she's the life of the party and is sure to offer a few good

Kris Shaw

laughs. Her heart is as big as her artwork, creative and dynamic. We've seen her work on oil canvases, on a variety of signs and even paper Mache' moose around town, but her latest masterpiece is the photo cut outs for Walden visitors to capture a memory during their stay or pass-through in Walden. These picture carnival backdrops can be found at the Chedsey Motel, Zirkel Liquors and Moose Creek Café.

They've become a popular tourist attraction and if you search by #WaldenColorado you will find the memories people have captured showcasing Krissy's backdrops. People from all over the world have shared the images of their face framed in these iconic Walden art masterpieces scattered through town. These picture boards frame a beautiful memory of someone's trip while they are here and create much laughter that is shared around the world.

Recently the Shaw's were traveling home from an Arizona-Texas road trip and met some people that had visited Walden last summer. Their new friends exclaimed, "We know right where Walden is. We ate at the Moose Cafe and took our picture in a cute Moose photo backdrop." Krissy's shared with her new friends that, ironically, she had painted that!

The Yeti tipping a bottle at Zirkel Liquor's was a crowd favorite during the "Snowpocalypse of 2017" recently in January. Visitors Sarah Lapsley-Martin and Greg were stranded here from Cape Cod, Massachusetts and found humor in our community with the ironic abominal snow monster backdrop sitting in the parking lot. The Yeti sign was made to advertise the new "Yeti Fest" that takes place in late July.

Photo Booth at Moose Creek Cafe'

The Colorado Grand Car race is a fun reminder of the annual event that takes place in September that graces the Jackson County Courthouse lawn. Vintage motor lovers can find this backdrop at the Moose Creek Cafe'. Also there is a moose frolicking in the wildflowers that happens to be the first work of art.

Lastly, visitors can find a snowmachine scene sitting at the Chedsey Motel just down the block or and ATV rambling in the mountains to take a quick snap shot behind.

Krissy's artwork is a mixture of Bohemian Rhapsody and Lemony Snicket. She brings life to Main Street by characterizing the moose in our community and adds a flair to our local landscape on many occasions.

Kris and husband Rex moved to Walden over five decades ago and have made a beautiful life as North Park as their backdrop. Their novelty life has added to her artistic flair that has been part of her, her whole life. Her mediums range from paint to clothing as well as the artful masterpieces of redecorating vintage campers.

Our community is a more beautiful place because of Krissy's many talents and for sure it's a more enjoyable and fun place.

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