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May is on our Radar: Cinco De Mayo~ Destination Weddings~ Memorial Day

North Park Patriot

Great things are happening in North Park and we want you to share your stories on the blog. We have several features we want to showcase in the May series!

The first week of May we are sharing stories in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. We have beautiful features to share and want to include your story. We are looking for artists, authors and business people in the Spanish community willing to share their success.

North Park is truly a destination for fun and adventure. This includes North Park Destination Weddings. We have a series to share on businesses and places that cater to destination weddings in North Park. If you can contribute to a destination wedding in North Park, please join in on the conversation!

Lastly we want to celebrate Memorial Day and it’s true meaning by sharing stories related to those that have fought for our freedoms. Veterans, events and local historical tidbits will be shared through the week of Memorial Day.

Please share your story by 1) using the blog submission post HERE, 2) emailing them to or 3) messaging them by Facebook. We love pictures to add to the stories or a video to accompany. If you don’t want to write but have a great story to share, let me know and I can do the writing for you!

Posts will start running on May 1st so get those creative juices flowing. Have trouble building a story? Use the BLOG TIPS as some advice in getting your story together! The blog post with the most activity (shares, likes and views) will receive a “I LOVE NP” T-shirt. Thanks for being a #NorthParkPatriot

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