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Hug Your Plumber Today

It's "Hug A Plumber Day" today. In honor of this rare and special occasion we celebrate our very own plunging super heros! For many years, North Park went without having a plumber, which can be a real inconvenience in a place where pipes freeze regularly. Now we’re fortunate enough to have not just one but TWO local resident plumbers. Tim Oberbroeckling (North Park Plumbing) and Jory Black (JB Plumbing) are now both available to take care of what ails your pipes here in Jackson County.

Recently I caught up with them and asked a series of random questions. Knowing how funny both of these gentlemen are, I was eager and prepared for their responses. Ironically, I learned both gentleman have a great deal in common which tells me the plumbing profession requires a prerequisite of a good sense of humor! They also have a common interest in moose it looks like...

Question1: How long have you been plumbing?

Tim- I have been plumbing for 20 years all commercial and industrial new construction until I arrived here.

Jory- I started plumbing in 2009 so 8 years, but I took 2 years off when I worked at Timberline.

Question 2- Are u licensed?

Tim- I hold a Masters license in plumbing as well as my plumbing CO State Contractors license.

Jory- I'm fully licensed and insured, Master License, Contractor License, and Driver's license, with a CDL soon to come.

Question 3- Like a driver’s license or gum ball machine license?

Tim-No response

Jory- Unfortunately, my gum ball machine license was revoked due to an unfortunate run-in with a parakeet. (Long Story)

Question 4- What made you come to North Park/ or return for that matter? What do you love about North Park?

Tim- We moved here to have a safer and friendlier environment to raise our daughter, I love it here especially the small-town feel, the outdoors and getting to know my neighbors is so much easier here.

Jory- I came back to Walden because I got totally fed up with the big city life. I was coming back practically every weekend anyway, and just wanted the way of life back. I graduated (from NPHS) in 2007. The thing I love most about North Park even though I've lived here most my life and explored a lot of its secrets, I can always find a new canyon or trail to explore.

Question 5- . What's your specialty in plumbing? Like commercial or residential (talking toilets here).

Tim- I enjoy commercial new construction the best as it is more challenging.

Jory- I'm both a residential and commercial plumber.

Question 6- What's the funniest thing you can remember in your plumbing experience (besides having a toilet planted in your front yard)?

Tim- The most recent funny experience I had is unclogging a toilet and pulling out a fake poop (Sessions).

Jory- Funniest plumbing experience... hmmm... When I was a first-year apprentice, another apprentice and I were testing some roof drains with water. This involved filling the system with water, and capping the risers as water began to overflow from them. Obviously the shorter ones would fill first so I'd cap them and move along to the higher ones. After I capped probably 5 lines, I noticed the first one I did was leaking a bit. Long story short, I loosened the cap and had the entire contents of the water test blow straight into my face. Granted, it wasn't a pressurized test so I wasn't hurt at all. But I was drenched from head to toe, and at least 50 people saw the entire thing happen.

Question 7- Long term plans?

Tim- My long-term plan is to stay here as long as we can continue to handle the cold.

Jory- I just want to get through the first 2 years of running a small business for now haha.

Question 8- Are you involved- chamber, lions club, bowling league, AA?

Tim- I am a chamber member as well as Lions Club and Town board trustee. During the summer, I coach little league and NPP (North Park Plumbing) does Movies in the Park. I also am on the 2nd best bowling team, Honorable Know. (Since Jim Dustin is no longer on our team.)

Jory- : I'm somewhat involved in the community. I do bowling, but I'm more of a beer-drinker with a bowling problem than the other way around. I also am a member of Search and Rescue, but am mostly active in the winter searches. Free time. I enjoy the regular outdoor stuff that everyone says, hunting, camping, fishing, blah, blah but I never do it. Snowmobiling is my favorite thing to do, but I don't seem to be able to find time to do that. So honestly in my free time I like to have a couple beers and share good stories with friends.

Question 9- Do you have an email? How about a phone number I can call at 1 AM?

Tim- My email is

Jory- Find on Facebook under JB Plumbing or call 970-217-1692

Question 10- Do drugs dissolve when u flush them and will goldfish survive the toilet flush.

Tim-It depends if the drugs are in a plastic baggy or not and I would say no to the goldfish as I've only flushed dead ones?

Jory- Drugs will only dissolve if you remember to dump them out of the container they're in. I don't know too many people who flush a live goldfish so this I'm not 100% sure on, usually they're dead when they're flushed so no, they wouldn't survive.

Jory- One last note about my business: I'd really like to give a shout out to Tim. He's been amazingly helpful and accepting of me starting. He's always willing to lend a hand, tool, or simply knowledge and I'm super appreciative of that.

Thanks to Tim and Jory for being such great sports. I’ll be calling you to fix a few plumbing issue’s I have (I shared the pictures above)….

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