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Not Your Ordinary Bowling Alley

The 10th Frame

Today is a big day for The 10th Frame, a bowling alley and restaurant that has been the hub of entertainment in North Park for decades. They are hosting the High Altitude tournament, a USBC sanctioned event. Bowlers from several states are traveling to enjoy the small town bowling alley that's been remodeled with a new modern feel. It isn't new for The 10th Frame to be hosting out of town bowlers. As part of their league program, bowlers from Wyoming have traveled south every week for decades to participate in our league program. We've hosted other state tournaments and have sent numerous locals to State and National tournaments. The bowling alley is decorated with awards from State and National winning teams that have trained on our local hardwood. Bowling is one of the greatest traditions families share here. From leagues to recreation it's the perfect place to enjoy some down time.

Bowling is a part of the culture of North Parkers but The 10th Frame isn't your ordinary bowling alley. It's just the cherry on top of the sundae. The restaurant is the real attraction to the corner building on South Main. This restaurant and bowling alley is known as the local gathering place. If there's a birthday going on, I bet you'll learn about it at the bowling alley. When there's a Wildcat game, you'll hear a recap when the place is packed after the game. . Many participate in leagues throughout the year and use the bowling alley as a gathering place for a variety of celebrations and events. What's not to love! The food has always been fantastic, there's great entertainment for young and old and it's always an opportunity to catch up with friends. During the winter "Snowpocalypse," The 10th Frame owners and staff stayed until the last mouth was fed. Stranded travelers enjoyed the camaraderie of new found friends over a great meal, a little recreation and a couple of beers.

Danny and Kathi returned to North Park in November 2014 when they purchased the Paradise Lanes from North Park natives, Shane and Regina Hartman. Danny is a 5th generation rancher born and raised as a North Park Wildcat. His family's roots run deep in the Colorado soil. He left North Park after high school to pursue a degree and career in Construction Management. When Danny's father passed away in 2014, Danny and Kathi decided that it was time to move back to Walden and purchased the bowling alley. They have enjoyed being home again and have fit right into the North Park community. Danny is a newly elected Jackson County Commissioner outside of managing the famed local hot spot. "We love the whole concept of North Park, from its spectacular scenery, hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, small town atmosphere and friendly community," Kathi shared about their return to the "Park."

The 10th Frame Specials this week

The 10th Frame is a restaurant and bar with a 6-lane bowling alley. They have never owned a bowling alley before, but Kathi has been in the restaurant business since she was a teenager. The 10th Frame is more of a restaurant than a bowling alley. "We like to say we own a restaurant that just happens to have a bowling alley in it!" I often send travelers there and tell them it's not a "corn dog and funnel cake bowling alley." They offer a great selection of sandwiches, burgers, fresh salads and snacks. But what sets it apart is the Seasonal Menus and Daily Specials. They like change and believe that a great restaurant offers a variety of ever changing menu items along with their popular regular menu items. Each day there's a new Daily Special, something that is not on our regular menu and every 3-4 months The 10th Frame changes the Seasonal Menu. They also have a fantastic Fresh Salad Menu that includes a Steak Salad and a Tuscan Grilled Chicken Salad (Editors favorite BTW) to name a few. We can't forget to mention that every Friday they feature Mexican food specials: Stuffed Sopapillas, Smothered Burritos, Chili Rellenos, Taco Platters and Santé Fe Chicken and much more.

Many locals ward of cabin fever by participating in the local bowling league events. They currently host 4 leagues: Monday Night Women, Tuesday Afternoon Women, Tuesday Night Fun Mixed and Wednesday Night Men. League bowling has been on the decline in today's society. "It is something we strongly believe in and are trying to build back up again. Everyone who bowls on a league has a great time, no matter how good of a bowler they are." Leagues are for every level of bowler, from beginner to advanced. It is a great time to unwind and visit with your friends. Tuesday Night Fun Mixed is open to anyone, you do not have to have a USBC card because it is not a sanctioned league. It is a fun casual league with all level of bowlers participating. Also, since it is not sanctioned, you do not have to participate every week, you can drop in whenever the mood strikes you! This league runs all year long.

Danny and Kathi Manville with Diana and Glen Hurt at the National Bowling Center

The 10th Frame is a United State Bowling Congress ( USBC) certified bowling center. The USBC is a sports membership organization dedicated to ten-pin bowling in the United States. Its duties and responsibilities include:

· Maintain specifications, conduct research testing for, and certify: bowling lanes, lane dressings, pin setting and ball return equipment, bowling pins, bowling balls and other bowling-related products.

· Establish and publish playing rules, and provide counselors to help interpret them.

· Certify leagues and tournaments.

· In addition to setting and enforcing specifications for bowling equipment, the USBC also helps uphold the credibility of the sport and makes competition fair by inspecting lane beds in bowling centers to ensure that they meet USBC standards.

The Manvilles are into their third year of ownership and are excited to make things happen. You've noticed the cosmetic upgrades inside and out. They are also dedicated to improving their bowling program. This summer they are going to host a "Bowling Camp" for kids ages 4 to 18. The details are in the planning stages and will be published on their Facebook page as well as The Jackson County Star as soon as they become available. Other goals for the future include opening up a banquet room for parties and meetings and providing more bowling opportunities for North Park. They would especially like to offer Glow Bowling for the teens and host some family bowling activities and birthday parties.

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