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Headlines~ 5-4-17

The Jackson County Star brings you the "Star Wars Edition" today- May The Fourth Be With You. Here's the headlines you can find in the news today:

"Snow, Sun, Wind, Rain, Track Season"

"Gas Price Increasing Soon"

"Road Work Beginning Toward Laramie"

"County Signs Consulting Agreement For Broadband Survey"

"Roads, Health Care, Education, They All Take Money"

Also check out the Fish Of The Week caught by Taylor Martin. The ANNOUCEMENTS section has an update on several local events. You'll find an entertaining history recap in the Jackson County Chronicles. Lastly, if you are looking for a job or a house, the CLASSIFIEDS has 3 new jobs, 3 new apartments and a new house listed on the market!

To find more information or subscribe to the Jackson County Star, Contact editor Matt Shuler by email or call 970-723-4404. You can also pick up a paper at several local retails in Walden.

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