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Desserts For Success

So many of our North Park students have opportunities to experience the world beyond Jackson County. Emma Daly and Samantha Westfahl are our latest students to have a new opportunity.

Emma and Samantha are 8th graders here in North Park. These young ladies were nominated by Afton Sheil, middle school science teacher, along with other middle school teachers to attend the Ambassador Leaders conferences this summer. Emma will be attending the program at UCLA, in Los Angeles, CA. She will be learning leadership skills such as how to stand out from the crowd, discovering her strengths and making an impact in her community. Samantha will be attending the program at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. She will be learning about building confidence, learning how to expand her world and make a difference in her world. Both girls will be doing classroom type activities, hands on activities and working in the communities they are staying in. They will bring the skills they learn this summer back to our school and community.

Ambassadors Leadership Program

Samantha and Emma are trying to raise money to help with the costs of these trips. This Friday, May 5, 2017 they will be providing desserts at the River Rock. The girls will be there from 5-8 pm to serve deserts and answer any questions you have about what they will be learning. Desserts will be sold on a donation basis. The desserts offered will be a 1930’s Chocolate Cake, Better Than ….. Cake, Cheesecake, Brownie Sundaes, Fruit Pies, and Cookies. The items will be offered by the slice and a few will be offered as a whole cake.

Emma and Sammie invite you to come support the River Rock and them this Friday. If you are unable to attend please contact them using this EMAIL to make a contribution to their program fund.

Ambassador Leaders Program


The Ambassador Leaders Program is an opportunity offered to students through a nomination process of their teachers. Students selected then apply and have an opportunity to go to Harvard University, University of California Los Angeles or John Hopkins University. The skills they gain are centered on leadership, community action, global competence and give students an edge in career and college planning. Students choose between a leadership program experience or medical field program. This is an exciting opportunity for our students. The cost of the program is $3000 each but the future investment in their leadership training is priceless. Emma and Samantha started raising funds last month by hosting a fundraiser at the bowling alley. This is their second of many I'm sure. Our school district has graduated many students that pursued an Ivy League education. Here are two more shining examples of what the future holds for North Park High academic success stories.

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