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Working Hard Is A Family Tradition

There was the quick sound of movement and a methodical rhythm coming from my porch. It was a sound I was all too familiar with; stacking firewood. I went to the porch to inspect and sure enough a mountain of wood w

Gonzales Firewood and Tree Service

as growing from the concrete slab that encased it. The music of the stacking wood was a delight to me, 1) I wasn’t doing it and 2) It was getting done in lightning speed. The other wonderful thing about this procession was that it was a group of young men, part of a family business that was instilling the value of hard-work and work ethic that goes into being a successful businessman.

The Gonzales family has instilled these values in over three generations of their North Park family. It is an inspiring sight to me to see young people working hard and giving service with a smile. If the young boys raised by Anthony and Albert Gonzales have delivered firewood to your door then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The traditions they have built their family business on is wrapped in arduous work and service with a smile.

Gonzales Firewood was first started in 1980 by the Charlie Gonzales to fill a growing need in the North Park area. Soon their service was in demand outside of Jackson County. They have been delivering firewood to residents in Routt, Grand, Ft. Collins, the Vail Valley, Wyoming and as far as the metro Denver area for decades now. 27 years ago, they added a tree removal and landscape maintenance division to their list of services. The young Gonzales men are some of the hardest working individuals you will find on the ground or in the air now trimming trees.

Gonzales Firewood and Tree Service

The entrepreneurial spirit isn’t limited to the men in the family. Challenging work and perseverance is in the blood of the entire family. Daughter-In-Laws, Stephanie and Tessa fit right into the mold of working hard and filling a need in the community. Stephanie owns a pet grooming business and Tessa opened a beauty salon several years ago. Their young families are carrying on the hard-working traditions of the Gonzales family. Another fine example of their entrepreneurial spirit is in the grandsons that started their own lawn mowing service. Regardless the season, the young boys are either mowing grass, raking leaves or shoveling snow throughout town.

Three generations of Gonzales’s have graduated from NPHS, where their roots run deep. Their hard work has always been evident from the class room to the hardwood courts where we’ve seen them play ball. It is a great honor to showcase the Gonzales family of businesses. When you are in the need of a tree that needs trimmed or wood to keep your home warm, contact them at 970-846-6206.

Gonzales Firewood and Tree Service

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