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She Deliver Smiles

Tucked away in a garage on Grant Street is a workshop that delivers smiles for many occasions. They come in many colors, shapes, varieties and sizes. These smiles bloom in a variety of ways and the receiver is never let down. This blooming business stems from a passion in the art of floral design.

Deb Pittington has been a floral designer now for decades. She started designing in 1968 at Earls Flowers in Loveland as a Sophomore in high school. She spent many years in Steamboat and along the Front Range designing flowers in retail settings, all the way to private high style clients. In 1994 she became a Master Designer with FTD. For over 30 years her beautiful designs have decorated the lobbies of high end motels, served as centerpieces for holiday dinners, graced the lapels of special events and been the backdrops of celebrations in life.

When asked what she loves about floral design, "I just love working with flowers. They're as close to perfection as it gets. They are a blessing to me." Speaking of blessings, the "Blessing Bouquet" is Deb's newest creation. A Blessing Bouquet is built around a scripture and all flowers in the arrangement represent part of the scripture. "These bouquets are spiritual and beautiful."

She has built a loyal clientele over the years and much of her work is advertised through word of mouth. She doesn't have a brick and mortar retail establishment due to the flux in business through the year, but she stays busy anyway. She delivers biweekly bouquets to a handful of loyal customers in the Walden area. Most recently she made over 30 sets of corsage's and boutonnieres to decorate students at the North Park High Prom. This week will be one of her busiest of the year, preparing for Mothers Day. She will design and deliver over 50 beautiful bouquets to lucky Mothers and Grandmothers across the county.

Loyal customer, Newell Geer, never misses Valentines Day, Mothers Day or his Anniversary. "One year I forgot one of them and ended up having a colonoscopy scheduled. I never forget flowers now."

Although there isn't a store to walk in and select from a cooler, ordering flowers is still easy. Deb has an online STORE where her customers can order and schedule a delivery. You can also place an order by phone 970-819-0649. Deb would like to extend a huge thank you to her clients and the Walden community. "I appreciate the opportunity to bring smiles to the people in North Park."

In honor of Mothers Day she has a special on tulip bouquets for $25.00. You can also order "Buds & Beer" or "Wine & Roses" through a partnership she does at Zirkel Liquors. Deb provides a beautiful arrangement, while Zirkel Liquors provides a bottle of wine in a Mothers Day Gift Bag.

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