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What It Means To Start My First Herd

It all started with me picking my first heifer out of my parents herd. I raised her and named her Miss Calloway, from the movie "Home on the Range"!

I showed Miss Calloway at the 2016 North Park Fair breeding heifer open class. Then it was time to kick her out to pasture. When we got her back in she was bred, and this calving season she had her first baby.

I named her calf Grace because in "Home on the Range" Miss Calloway is Grace's mentor and here Miss Calloway is Graces mom, which technically makes her MRS. Calloway now.

It makes me feel like I am actually involved in being a rancher by having my first herd, and that is important to me. I have had a lot of fun raising Mrs. Calloway and Grace!!!


Dallas Morgan is is 4th grader at North Park Elementary. This young lady is so much fun and a true inspiration. She knows the value of hard work, loves her ranching lifestyle and is already involved in her community. She raises beef and swine for 4H and is a fierce competitor in the show ring. Dallas has an amazing voice and has a bright future singing. She has shared her talents by singing the National Anthem at local ball games, events and even atop a steer at the North Park Never Summer Rodeo. Dallas is a Princess on the North Park Never Summer Royalty court as well. Nice job Dallas and thank you for sharing your calving story.

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