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A Touch Of Class

The log structure building on Main Street, known as the River Rock Café and Antlers Inn has quite a story here in North Park. The beautiful feature that now stands in the place of the former Coffee Pot Café and Sportsman’s Supply is an architecture masterpiece that adds a touch of class to the façade of Main Street.

A passerby may blink and not take in the historical context of our Main Street buildings, but they can’t miss the beautiful chef-d'oeuvre that plays hosts to extraordinary events, dinner dates and family gatherings. The structure was rebuilt out of West Coast Cedar, trucked in from Canada in after a fire engulfed the former diner and sporting goods store. One would never know the devastation our community felt to lose the historical and iconic buildings that were turned to ash, but the beauty of the new building has built a mountain of memories.

The River Rock Café is not only a natural attraction to see, the food is remarkable. National Geographic magazine has highlighted the Chicken Fried Steak as being their favorite item on the menu. The ambience of the common seating room leaves one feeling like they are at home, while the banquet room goes beyond expectations to offer a peaceful and classy setting for any small gathering. It comfortably hosts 50-60 dinner guests and is commonly booked out for banquets and dinner parties. The staff of the River Rock Café goes above and beyond to make your any dining experience feel relaxed and well prepared. The bar is unique itself, with a welcoming fire place and river rock bar. Dances, fundraisers and comedy shows have used the bar as a gathering place for fun.

When the evening wears on late, the convenience of a motel resides above for travelers. The Antlers Inn makes its home above the River Rock Café and is the perfect retreat for a weekend getaway. The motel has a luxury setting with a wild west feel. If you want the crème’ de le crème, guests can stay in the Executive Suites, a sister to the Antlers Inn and just adjacent. Many small weddings have taken weekend ownership of the entire facility from café to lodging accommodations because of the convenience of the full-service location.

Manager, Stacey Gollobith, has worked hard to build the establishment into something North Park can be proud of. She’s done a fine job and the downtown Walden location is a favorite stop for visitors and locals alike. For more information on The River Rock Café, Antlers Inn or Executive Suites visit their webpage, email them or call 970-723-4670.

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