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Moose On The Loose

Moose sightings are a regular occurrence, this time of year especially. Parks and Wildlife officers warn us to not become friendly with the moose. Their docile nature can quickly turn aggressive if you are challenging territory shared with their young. North Park isn't called the Moose Viewing Capital of Colorado for nothing. The Shiras Moose was introduced in Jackson County in 1978 with a very small introductory herd of 12. Since that time, the moose population has been on the rise.

Moose photo by Elizabeth Schleppy

Moose can be seen most anywhere in the park. You can find them in low lying willow bottoms, grass meadows and near water. Moose are regulars as well right in town. The populous of Walden doesn’t intimidate them. When they find a place, they like, generally they set up camp. If you follow daily Facebook feeds you will regularly see “where the moose are today” that warns children to be careful when walking to school.

We love having the moose and the novelty of their sightings makes living here a richer

experience. We do, however, heed warning to

enjoy them from a distance. As a visitor if you want to see the moose, we recommend checking out the Moose Visitor Center at Colorado State Forest State Parks or the Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge. If you hang around town long enough you just might be lucky enough to see one in the Hanson Park or laying in the parking lot of Zirkel Liquors!

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