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Granite Corner RV Resort

Here's a great video blog about a local RV Resort that is attractive to RV and motor coach owners, conveniently located on the corner of Walden town limits. Owners, Kent and Kay Crowder are long time North Park residents and have built a beautiful RV resort to accommodate 3 pull through hook ups on the South East corner of town limits. Please view the video blog below for a fantastic description of their facilities.

Video blogger, Alan Sills travels and hosts reviews on his You Tube channel for RV Across America. His description of our area, and his host site of Granite Corner RV is a unique perspective from someone who appreciates our area and the qualities of life we cherish in North Park. Other RV enthusiasts have recognized the quality and comfort of staying at Granite Corner and have shared reviews on RV Park Reviews. There are great descriptions of amenities and a map to get to Granite Corner RV Resort in Walden on RV Park Reviews as well.

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