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North Sand Hills Adventure Mecca

With Memorial Day weekend looming ahead, many people start firing up their ATV and motorcycles to come play at the North Sand Hill Dunes recreation area north of Walden. This place is amazing and offers a hidden playground few know about but many people love. North Park comes alive and the streets of Walden start buzzing soon as the snow has receded from the sand at the dunes. Over the last few weeks, camping and ATV traffic through town has been evident already.

The dunes are so incredibly popular that they have more than one Facebook page that has been created in its honor to share news, conditions and events. The Denver Channel did a story on this Mad Max attraction last summer. The news footage can be seen here. The North Sand Hills is a 1400 acre recreation area under the management of the BLM. It's the only recreational sand dunes in the state of Colorado which makes it quite attractive to those wishing to play in the sand. The Visit North Park website has a great write up that shares great information about the area. Below you will see a 12 minute video taken by a drone that showcases the entire North Sand Hills Dunes area.

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