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Blank Piece Of Paper

I heard the greatest quote driving to the State Track meet. “Today is great. It is a blank piece of paper and each new day is a gift to you with a new purpose.” Each day if I wake up, I have an opportunity to do something more. I have an opportunity for a whole new adventure and write a new page.

Photo by Jamie J Brown

This is story 118. 118 days I have shared with you a story on the blog related to North Park. Funny stories, happy stories, sad stories and silly stories. It's only just the beginning. Every day I wake up and wonder if I have reached a burnout spot and am I going to have a story; can I keep doing this. Every day I continue to look around and find stories everywhere about this wonderful place we live in. I've had so much fun sharing about our wonderful school and about the hidden gems of people and places in Jackson County. I hope every day I wake up and that blank piece of paper is waiting for me to share another wonderful tribute about life in North Park.

This is a unique place we live in. There's no other like it. Past, present and future generations share something special. They share what we call North Park. I'm in pure awe when I look at the numbers of the people that have visited and started to follow the site. Around 52,000 people have looked at the website since February 15. That number alone shows me there's a thirst for knowledge and information about this place we cherish. On average 2000 viewers read the blog each day. The people of this place is what makes it so unique. I love having the opportunity to share with you and I hope you continue to come back.

Photo by Jamie J Brown

There is some fun stuff in store over the summer. An ADVENTURE SHOWCASE is going to become a regular feature where I share the unparalleled beauty of the majestic scenery around us. I'm always open to new ideas and new stories. There’s always new people, new businesses and new places to explore. Fun events around the corner and hidden gems tucked away. I want to share at all. If you have a news tip or special story you want to share, I invite you to come along on this great adventure.

Happy 118 days. I could come up with 118 ways to celebrate the success of this site but the success all boils down to the people that have been willing to share and care about our community. That blank piece of paper is just waiting for another story to unfold and share the treasure we know as North Park.

Thank you, North Park. Thank you, North Park Patriots.

Photo by Jamie J Brown

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