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Class of 2017

The Class of 2017 celebrates the dawning of a new age in their lives. Tomorrow morning, they will wake up as graduates of North Park High School. They will face the next chapter called The University Of Life. Some will go on to attend college and technical training. Others will jump into the work force and begin their first careers. Regardless what they do, this group of young people has a common bond that makes them unique.

There is a special thing about the comraderie of this class that should be highlighted and revered. The most important person in the individual lives of these students has always been the person sitting next to them. They are the most selfless and team oriented kids I have been around. They care more about the greater good of their team, their class, their friends and their family than they do about themselves. For this reason, they are light years ahead of many in maturity. The “old soul” natures of this class are one to be admired and respected. I’ve witnessed time, and time again, that when the teammate that is on the bench is better than them, they pull themselves from the game. When there is a friend in need, they drop what they are doing to help the other. The integrity and compassion of the Class of 2017 is heartwarming.

They’re strength has always been in caring for one another and it is with immense pride I introduce the Class of 2017. Their future will take them all over the world, from Engineering school in South Dakota, to fishing in Argentina. Where ever their plans take them they will be a success because they know the value of others. They liveWithout further adoo, I introduce the Class of 2017...

Don Allard -Yadira Anaya~Reyes - Kason Brown- Sayla Clark

Cheyanne Harper-Colton Hutcheson

Morgan Hutcheson-Jordan Larsen-Shelby McAdoo

Rogelio Meza - Noel Pizana - Cyrus Symonds - Jake Wintermote

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