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Let's Play Ball

North Park Little League 2006, photo by Jamie J Brown

It's that time of the year again... whether the weather will cooperate with this usually warm season sport, is obviously debatable!

Our North Park Youth Baseball Program will begin and end in June. This year we have two teams. Our T-Ball team consists of 10 players, ages 5-7. These youngsters never fail to entertain the crowd with their innocent antics. Our second team is a 12 player Minor team, ages 8-11. These young athletes have graduated to an actual youth pitcher this year and we are excited to see their developing baseball talents displayed on the field.

Our baseball games are usually played on Saturday mornings and our competitors this season will be Granby, Kremmling and Fraser. We will have home and away games. Please come cheer on our young North Park baseball players and enjoy a hot dog or other snacks from our Walden Concessions stand which hasn't been open for business in years!

"Take Me Out To The Ball Games!"


The North Park Baseball program is one of the funnest youth sports to attend as a spectator and support. It is an amazing program that starts our youth athletes with beginning coordination skills and teaches our youth the importance of a team from a young age. Follow them on FACEBOOK to see their schedule and the most recent updates.

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