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Heros Flipping Free Flapjacks Tomorrow

The smell of sausage sizzling will be lofting in the air tomorrow morning and the entire community is invited to follow their nose to the fire house for their Annual Fire Rescue breakfast.

For eighteen years the North Park Fire Rescue has been serving up a pancake breakfast in appreciation to the community that they serve. The free pancake breakfast began as a thank you to the community for their gracious donations when the department wanted to purchase a new Town Truck. The Town itself pitched in but the community raised about $30,000 toward the truck. Since then, the fire department (North Park Fire Rescue) has added a Jackson County Engine, a Fast Attack Mini Pumper, JC Rescue Truck, bunker gear, air packs, air pack bottles, and thermal imaging cameras. The $15,000 funds for a slide in unit for the brush truck were raised by our community in less than a month. This was added to a truck donated to the fleet by Mountain Parks Electric.The 24 member volunteer department will arrive at the firehouse at 5am to start the eggs, sausages and hashbrowns ready to serve from 7am.-10am.

You have not truly experienced the free pancake breakfast until you have sampled one of the specialty pink, blue or green pancakes courtesy of Doyle Jenkins. The department usually serves 300 and donations left in the boot nearly cover expenses for the next year! All groceries are purchased locally and meals are even delivered in to-go boxes donated by River Rick Cafe' to senior citizens, and local businesses and emergency dispatchers who are unable to attend the event.

The North Park Fire Rescue responds to over 200 calls annually. When the NPFR isn't cooking breakfast for 300+ locals they are busy responding to calls, practicing for emergency situations, educating our youth in school programs, participating in local fund raising events and always wearing a cape to help those in need.


Our local fire department is staffed by 24 volunteers that truly work hard to serve our community needs. The department is second to none and we are very lucky to have such a great service in our community. The depth of compassion and service these men and women have is admirable. Many members have VOLUNTEERED well over 20 years which shows the love and commitment they have for our community.

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