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The Bravehearted Woman

Ready for some special "girl time?" Mark your calendars, have Dad take the kids camping, and come join Christian Life Church for "The Bravehearted Woman" Conference, June 9th & 10th at 605 Garfield.

Friday night we'll have a special evening with cupcakes by Kendall and others, coffee and tea at 6:30 pm, and Leslie Ludy's presentation "Becoming a Christ-Centered Woman." Bring your mom or your daughter, your grandma or granddaughter, a niece or an aunt, or a special friend or two, and join us for 2 special days of fellowship, support and encouragement.

Saturday morning at 8:30, we'll open with Julie Atencio preparing lattes, cappuccinos and other delicious specialty coffees, along with cinnamon rolls by Sandy Bond and Tina. The 4 inspiring sessions for that day will be: "Becoming a Fortified and Fearless Woman", "Becoming a Discerning Woman", "Inspiring Bravehearted Manhood" (with Eric Ludy), and Becoming a World-Changing Woman."

Soup and Salad will be provided for lunch, with potluck side dishes (breads, chips, desserts, fruits or vegies - keep it simple!) brought by attendees. There will be many door prizes, displays by local business women and special moments for all who take time to join us. All this for only $10 registration! Call for details - 970-846-8906

I first met Eric and Leslie at a homeschool convention, way back in the 90s. Together they wrote When God Writes Your Love Story, about staying pure until marriage. I was impressed with them then, and I'm so proud of the legacy they are building now, with their Set Apart Girl and Ellerslie ministries. Check them out online for details at and Thousands of young people have gone through their discipleship training and gone on to change the world as brave, passionate Christians.

Since I knew them before they were married, I feel they're kind of my "kids" and have followed their life and ministry over the years. When they moved onto their campus in Windsor, Colorado, I was so excited, and have attended this annual women's conference for many years, bringing women and girls from Iowa and Colorado to share it. Since many people in Walden find it hard to travel outside the Park, I decided to bring this special conference here for my North Park friends to be encouraged and supported. Thanks to technology, that is now possible, and I hope many can join us June 9th and 10th for this uplifting and inspiring conference!

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