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Local Ropers Shine

One of the favorite events at the North Park Never Summer Rodeo has become the Local Team Roping event, sponsored by the Jackson County Lions Club. Ropers that are current residents of Jackson County or are alumni from North Park High, are invited to participate in this one day event that has become a main attraction in North Parks “Daddy of them All.”

Photo by Erin Christine Photography

What started out to be a fun event to provide our local ropers a shot at winning a little cash and shiny buckles has turned into a center stage event. There are ten spots open in the Local Roping event, and they fill quick. The header and heeler teams come together for a reunion in the arena annually and provide our audience an opportunity to cheer for their favorite cowboy heros. An added bonus to this event is that the team gets a third loop, which adds to the anticipation and level of noise coming from the stands. Winning the coveted “Local Team Roping Champion” buckle is the goal, but receiving the pat on the back from their peers is just as big a prize. The winning buckles are sponsored by Hogdon Powder Company and made by Molly’s Custom Silver.

In addition to the event in the arena, the spectators get to be part of the action as well. On the eve prior, the rodeo committee hosts a Calcutta event offering the fans an opportunity to win too. Saturday night, 8PM at the River Rock Café, auctioneer Shawn Silverberg sells each team to winning bidders. The evening is a fun and electric event and gives the winning team owner also a chance to win some cash and a nice buckle. It’s an exciting event in itself and builds the hype for the Sunday afternoon event.

A fun time is sure to be had whether you are holding a rope or the winning bidder number once the roping chute is open and your team is racing through the arena. Interested team ropers can register at the Local Entry Night, Saturday, June 17 at The 10th Frame (bowling alley) from 6-7PM. They also can print off a registration form online or request a form by EMAIL.

Photo by Erin Christine Photography

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