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WANTED: Shiny Cars, Cute Kids and Adorable Animals

Photo by Jamie J Brown

The final countdown is here to the biggest weekend of the year. We’ve talked about it for a week already, and we will continue to share details of the upcoming 75th North Park Never Summer Rodeo and 89th North Park Pioneer Reunion this week as it draws near.

The one thing that ties the two annual events together and makes it so memorable is the Sunday Parade. Who doesn’t love a good parade? Music! Candy! Clowns! Kids! Horses! Cars! We may not have the biggest and longest parade, but it is a great parade none the less. We try to bring the two events together by having floats from reunions and sponsors alike represented. We also invite businesses, individuals and interest groups to come share.

The theme is aligned with the rodeos’ Diamond Anniversary and we hope to see floats decked out in shiny, silver decorations traveling up Main Street Sunday morning! If you belong to a jeep club, dog walking group or music ensemble, we hope you will bring your talents and entertain the masses.

The Grand Marshall this year will be Jack Lewis, riding along with Tex Swart in a beautiful convertible. Our rodeo is dedicated to Jack for his hard work and dedication in sponsoring the rodeo for so many years. Also, to be recognized is the Richard Family, the 2017 Pioneer Family of the year.

It’s not too late to pull your circle of friends and family together and get a float in the parade! Please join us on Sunday at 10 AM for the Main Street Festivities and celebrate another year of Rodeo, Reunions and Fun in North Park. In the meantime, wash up the rusty ol’ car in the garage and get it ready to paint the town!

The parade is sponsored by Middle Park Medical Center, a partner with the North Park Medical Clinic. To enter the parade, please fill out the attached FORM and follow the direction for entry. You can also EMAIL the rodeo committee to reserve a spot.

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