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Pioneer Roots Led To Success

Paul Richard at a North Park Pioneer Reunion

Paul Richard is one of North Park’s great success stories. Paul’s great-grandparents, Jasper (Jap) and Belinda Monroe, came to North Park in 1886. They and their older son, Jay, and Jay’s descendants continue ranching in the Park to the present day.

Paul and his four brothers—Jay, Bob, Larry and Jim—were raised on the Two Bar Ranch at the north edge of Walden, a ranch now owned by Silver Spur. Paul graduated from Jackson County High School in 1954 and went into the U.S. Navy for four years. After his military service, Paul attended college, earning degrees in social and biological sciences. He taught junior and high school science for five years and then joined the University of Northern Colorado as a faculty member.

During Paul’s 32-year career as a teacher and aquatic biologist, he was a member of scientific expeditions to both the Arctic and Antarctica, directed and raised funding for the Frontiers of Science Institute for 22 years, was the author of twenty-five scientific and educational articles, a member of several scientific organizations, and served as a consultant to several conservation organizations. Paul retired as a full Professor of Biological Sciences from UNC in 1994.

Paul obviously loves to write and he has now published five books, with several more in the polishing stages. His published works are Colorado’s North Park: History, Wildlife and Ranching; Growing Up Wild; Smokey: A Dog of My Own; Exploring the Galapagos; and Departure of the Cliff Dwellers.

Books written by Paul Richard

All of Paul’s books are available at, and some of them can be purchased at the Jackson County Library, the North Park Pioneer Museum, the Rand Store, and the Moose Visitor Center. Or for personal delivery, contact Helen Williams (publisher of Walden Press books) at 970-723-8639.

Paul is always happy to hear from old friends and can be reached at:

1313 9th Avenue

Greeley, CO 80631


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