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Adventure to Lake Agnes

I'm excited to share a new feature on the blog about Adventures In North Park, starting with probably the easiest hike, yet one of the most beautiful in the Park. The pictures I share are from an amazingly talented young photographer that gives me lens envy whenever he posts his new hiking adventure shots.

Lake Agnus, photo by Matthew Schleppy

Matt Schleppy is an incredibly talented young man that has a true love for North Park and the beautiful nature she has hidden throughout our mountainous terrain. Every chance he gets you will find him exploring a new part of North Park on foot, snowboard or other adventure loving venue.

Lake Agnus, photo by Matthew Schleppy

Today we share a simple, yet beautiful hike that even young and adventurous children can enjoy and endure. I've taken many 4 year olds, (very free spirited and good at walking) on the hike to Lake Agnes. The meandering trail is a short distance and takes less than 30 minutes to reach the rocky beach of the lake.

Lake Agnus, photo by Matthew Schleppy

The 2.3 mile hike from the trailhead is a moderate hike on a well worn trail. It is a fantastic quick adventure by snowshoes or on foot. Reviews on consistently rank the hike as a 5 Star adventure and recognized as a moderate hike. Its the perfect opportunity to teach a youngster about the outdoors while enjoying nature at its best. Wildflowers of all varieties frame the trail and provide a breathtaking setting to unplug and enjoy a North Park diamond in the rough.

The quick and easy hike can easily be turned into a longer adventure by following the Lake Angus Tail Loop that skirts around the lake and leaves the hiker awe struck with views of Nokho Crags at eye level and Lake Agnes below. Snow can still be found in deep levels in early June and inclement weather arrives as earliest as September so planning accordingly and watching the weather will provide an empowering experience full of magnificent views.

Lake Agnus, photo by Matthew Schleppy

Find more Adventures in North Park every week as we add this blog feature to our showcase list. You can also find outdoor recreation opportunities in more detail on our EVENTS and RECREATION page on

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