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100 Miles of Treasure Troving

You’ve heard of the TV show, American Pickers. Well here in Walden we have our own “Walden Picker-ing.” Lanny Pickering to be exact. He loves a good bargain and a good sale. He had this great idea a few years ago to put on a 100 Mile Yard Sale. When first launched we began visiting about events we needed to just make happen, and this was one of them!

The 100 Mile Yard Sale has been in the works for over two months and has partnered with The Trading Post located at the base of Cameron Pass to make this event come to fruition. The idea is to have 100 Miles of Yard Sales hosted by individuals and the communities that sit between Ft. Collins and Walden.

This event will be held July 8-9, 2017. Posters went up last week along the Highway 14 corridor connecting Walden to Ft. Collins. Ads have also been placed in area papers and throughout the front range. Each sale is up to the discretion of the host. We do not have a fee charged or guidelines for the weekend event. We do however provide the marketing materials in a promo kit for each sale. These items include a yard sign and a few balloons. There is a QR code for interested individuals to click on and get the most up to date info regarding sales and events as well.

The North Park Area Chamber of Commerce has gotten on board and assisted with the cost of promoting the event by providing funding for the signs and flyers. A simple map pointing out participants will also be available online for those interested in having their sale listed, or for you to plan your own “picking” fun. Many community members in Walden are hosting their own sales throughout the area. Businesses are encouraged to have sidewalk sales and the North Park Area Chamber is working to put together entertainment for the weekend festivities.

This event is happening fast and will be fun for all involved. Who knows, maybe it will make it into the Guinness Book Of World Records for the largest and longest garage sale! For more information or to be included as a sale listed in the 100 Mile Yard Sale, EMAIL

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