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German Greenhorn Cowboys Love The North Park Never Summer Rodeo

9 Days on the Road.

We , Erec, Thomas and Heinz, are touring the most of Colorado and a bit of Wyoming by motorcycle. On that specific day we came from the north and actually wanted to ride through the town of Walden and 80 miles further, but Erec was the one who saw the display “Never Summer Rodeo”. (Heinz usually goes too fast to read signs )

Wow, that is it ! ! !

How could we, 3 city boys from Frankfurt/Main Germany resist ? Watching a real rodeo for our first time in our lives. Tom and Heinz do know only saddles and steel horses like our motorbikes. With Erec it is a little different; he knows Icelandic horses (he's got about 100 himself).

But a real Rodeo, great for all of us.

Where to sleep ? The lovely Lady (Jamie) at the entrance suggested to put up our tents at the park by the high school. “Well if that is that easy ……, we stay”.

What we experienced at the Rodeo was just outstanding, real cool cowgirls and cowboys right from the bottom of their hearts. They performed on their horses like no other. Even Erec our “Pro” was very impressed.

Then at night the party at the Moose creek Café started. Listening to nice music from the Caitlyn Ochsner Band, we got ourselves some beers and luckily bumped into Jamie and her friend Trina again. We had a great time and good conversation together, me (Heinz) even danced a little.

But very most important for all of us is that, we and other travelers are really deeply touched by the charisma of your lifestyle and culture that comes across. Please keep your open mind and stay the way you are, do not change at all. We , The 3 Amigos, will be back, the plan is already made.

Other than this year, we will be back as German Greenhorn Cowboys (Erec is gonna teach us riding) and we look for a working ranch that is close to Walden, then we might have a chance to improve the America-German relationship show you our warm hearts.

Thank you very, very much for your hospitality

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