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Hog Roast To Celebrate Zirkel Liquors Turning Two

Main Street of Walden is filling with the aroma of smoked hog early on this Monday morning. The annual BBQ put on by Zirkel Liquors is done each year on it’s anniversary. This year we celebrate 2 years of serving the residents and visitors of Jackson County. Last year we fed over 200 people and look forward to serving that many again as well today.

Zirkel Liquor Logo

We, Reb and Jamie Brown, purchased the liquor store once known as Tom’s Liquors from Harold and Kathy Paeglow two years ago. We took on the new business venture as a retirement project. The updated interior is refinished in an industrial style and visitors would never know that it was once auto garage in the 50’s. The store is named after the Zirkel Wilderness, a favorite part of Jackson County for us both. We hope your find "Wilderness Refreshment" at ZL.

It’s been a fun venture with a huge learning curve. We enjoy catering to our North Park clients but have made met so many great people from across the country at our watering hole. We made new friends from Cape Cod, Massachusetts as well as Georgia and Wisconsin during the Snowpocolypse of 2017. We have people from all walks of life come in the door and they, for the most part are coming to celebrate something. The corner location serves as a natural spot to ask for area information or directions.

Business in a small community can be slow in the winter but we’ve worked hard to market to different niches. We have a full cooler full of just Colorado Microbrews, including Butcherknife Brewery from Steamboat, Ska Brewing out of Durango, Crazy Mountain from Denver, Tommy Knocker Brewing from Idaho Springs and Elevation Brewing out of Poncha Springs. On the first Wednesday of each month we do a beer & wine pairing event that showcases these Colorado beers.

The Wine Pairing shares the diversity of wine we carry and is held at the Moose Creek Café. We are very proud of our wine selection, which features over 60 wines from all around the world. Our most popular is Protea from South Africa and Grand River Vineyards from Palisade, CO. The wines have increased in popularity in large part to the Wine Club we call “Book Club”… a reason to drink wine. Each month club members can get the featured selection of 4 bottles for $40.00, plus receive a wine surprise, a sample and a gourmet chocolate. We now have 22 members and it grows each month.

Community and involvement is a big part of Zirkel Liquors and its business philosophy. We support other organizations and businesses as much as we can. Our parking lot is open to youth group fundraisers all the time and has hosted NPHS track team and 4H Rocketry fundraising. We work with other businesses too. We have a “Beer and Brat” promotion we do with North Park Meats where you get a $1.00 off a six pack of beer when you share your receipt from them. Vice versa you receive a $1.00 off a package of brats with a Zirkel Liquors receipt.

Living in North Park and doing business is a great thing and we enjoy the community. We hope everyone comes out today to our 2nd Annual Pig Roast & Customer Appreciation BBQ. Thank you for two great years in North Park.

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