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Return To Teller City

Teller City cabin, picture by Chris Jackson

A couple of weeks ago my mom, Sandy, and I ventured back to Teller City. I'm sorry to say my last visit was 10 to 15 years ago. Wow, have things changed. The beetle kill had taken over and I can only guess the area was logged to remove the dead trees. But with that said it's still worth the trip.

Teller City was one of several mining towns in North Park during the late 1800's. It's reported that the Yates Hotel had up to 40 rooms and a grand piano in the lobby. The town had many saloons and two newspapers. It's hard to imagine all that activity when you see it now.

The US Forest Service lists it as an "Interpretive Site". There is no water or restrooms so be prepared when you head that way. The right-hand side of the road has room for parking and includes signs with information about the area. There's one building that has been maintained so visitors can see what life might have been like in a small one-room cabin. My mother tells me she has a photo of my cousin, sister and I in that same cabin years ago - so it's been there a while.

Teller  City reminents, photo by Chris Jackson

Across the road the area has been fenced off so it can only be accessed by the walking path. As the path winds through Teller City you'll find informational signs for what you will see; The Yates Hotel, "C" Street and an old water well just to name a few of the highlights.

According to the Forest Service website directions: Approximately 2 miles south of Rand turn left on County Road 21. Drive approximately 4 miles to the intersection of Forest Road 740 and 750. Take the left hand fork following the 740 Road approximately 3 1/2 miles to the Teller City Interpretive Site with parking located on the right hand side.

Here's the link to their site:


Thank you to Chris Jackson for allowing us to share her story here on You can see her original blog on the Rand Store Website at this LINK. I encourage you to follow them on Facebook and read their blog!

Teller City is one of my favorite historical sites in Jackson County, despite the removal of the timber that once stood. The history there is amazing and speaks volumes of the toughness and fortitude mining pioneers had to live in the boondocks of Teller City. The interpretive signs share an amazing story of a short stint of mining glory days that took place. One signs shares that when the mining boom went bust, people left so fast they even left food and dishes on the table.

To experience Teller City visit the area South of Rand. Also be sure to check out the North Park Pioneer Museum for artifacts and addition historical information.

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