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Get Your Motors Runnin

The long summer days can be marked by many activities that bring people to North Park through the summer from camping and fishing to playing at the sand dunes and hiking our majestic mountain peaks. There’s also a constant rumble that can be heard echoing in the distance from sun up to sun down. That purring of motors is the rumble of motorcycles that also love our open highways offering a scenic route to the most popular rally destinations in the country, Sturgis.

Sturgis is only a 6-hour ride from North Park and the location of Highway 14 and 125, lacing through the Rocky Mountains offer a safe route away from the city crazed traffic. This loop along one of Colorado’s Scenic Byways is breathtaking and fun. With the eve of the infamous rally looming ahead, we in North Park are hoping to attract the motorcycle community in route to that popular event by hosting one of our own.

The NP Bull Pen Poker Run is taking place THIS weekend and organized to encourage bikers along the Front Range to choose North Park as the route to head north to Sturgis. has partnered with five businesses to offer this fun and exciting new event to showcase our community as a biker hot spot.

Thunder Mountain Harley-Davidson® is the host of the first stop, where will be taking registrations and passing out the first card of the hand from 8:00-10:00 AM Saturday, July 22. From there, bikers will head to Nostalgic West Leathers in Masonville on the Stove Prairie Road to pick up their second card. The winding road through Buckhorn Canyon will lead poker participants to the next stop at the Trading Post on the Poudre Canyon Highway just below Cameron Pass. Card 4 will be available at the Clark Peak Cabins & Resort in Gould, with the final card pit stop to be at Zirkel Liquors in Walden.

The fun will commence at North Park’s newly famous biker bar and road house, Manskers Station on Highway 14. The game is 5 Card Stud and all participants get a “last card” to beef up their hand at Manksers Station. They will also be greeted with entertainment by the Campion Brothers Band. The winning hand will receive a $1000 GRAND PRIZE donated from the North Park Area Chamber of Commerce and the North Park Lodging Tax Panel. Hands are limited to 52 (a deck of cards) but as many riders that would like to participate are encouraged to join in the fun.

Registration has been coming in and can be found online at The cost is $25.00 per hand. We hope to make this an annual event that will coincide with travel plans for the motorcycle community that are headed north for the rally at Sturgis.

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