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North Park Auto Fills A Niche

Walden is the booming metropolis that one would think they could find a car dealership in, but in fact at one time there use to be several. Today North Park Auto Sales, LLC has the corner on the market for car dealership in Jackson County. Owned by Mike and Elizabeth Schleppy, it is conveniently located on the edge of town just west of Jacks Auto Parts off Logan Street.

Owner and mechanic, Mike Schleppy has been working with mechanics since a very young age. Starting at the age of 10 he started turning wrenches and has worked on most every type of automobile since then. While they specialize in the Subaru brand, they work on all makes and models. They deal tires as well and offer standard maintenance service. Services go beyond that as well to rebuilding engines, transmissions and suspensions.

Auto sales is their niche in the market in North Park and they are able to locate any brand of auto for purchase, old and new alike. The sell approximately five vehicles a month but have sold as many as 100 a year. They work directly with shops and other private parties to market their vehicles.

Mike and Elizabeth love living here in North Park and raised three boys through the North Park School District. David works for Mike, building engines. Matthew (Our Adventure-opgrapher) works for a logging company here and lives in Walden. Andrew, the oldest, lives in Hawaii, in Lahaina, Maui. He is a retail store manager and doesn't appear to be returning anytime soon.

Although many of their auto sales are out of Walden, they sell all over the state. “It's always nice to return to no traffic, no traffic lights and peace and quiet on our place in Rand. The views on our way to work are outstanding and the biggest traffic problem is a cattle drive.” This is ironic that they prefer to live where traffic doesn’t exist, considering they sell modes of transportation. The Schleppy family enjoys the small-town atmosphere, seeing wildlife on a daily basis and the beauty that surrounds them. They also appreciate kids growing up in a wonderful place that teach them about hard work.

As for the future goals of North Park Auto Sales, “we plan to continue expanding our car sales and providing quality cars for a reasonable price. We can save a person a lot of money compared to most car dealers plus each car gets a thorough inspection and repaired, if needed.” North Park Auto Sales, LLC has a car for every budget and price range.

Find North Park Auto Sales, LLC on Facebook with their full contact information listed. You can also call Mike or Elizabeth at (970) 217-7551. Tell them sent you!

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