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Yeti Fest 2017

A couple years ago, I was goofing around on Facebook and came across a picture of a sasquatch that was taken in North Park in 2015. After a brief cyber-stalking effort, I found the organization responsible for the picture: Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies. SIR is based out of Parker, Colorado and they frequent North Park to conduct their research. As a community leader, I was curious to know more about our sasquatch population and couldn't let the opportunity pass so I reached out to SIR president Michael Johnson and invited his organization to come up and present their research to our community. And lucky for us, he said yes.

In the meantime, Jill Honnecke and Barbara Vasquez were working on resurrecting the North Park Community Foundation and asked me to join them. With the SIR presentation already set, I had the idea of turning the presentation into a celebration of all things bigfoot and using the event as the comeback annual fundraiser for the NPCF. In addition of having a great time, we raised $1,000.

Saturday July 29th is the 2nd Annual Yeti Fest. This year we moved the event to the Gould Community Center with hours from 12-9. Our friends from SIR will be back and we have 2 bands scheduled to play. There will be games, concessions available and raffle tickets are included with entry fee of $5. Grand Prize: YETI Tundra 45 Cooler plus accessories.

This party is for everyone: believers, non believers, folks that just want to listen to music, people who want to win bigfoot gear. Come out, learn a little bit and have a really fun, silly time!

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