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Corkle Oil Keeps Our Motors Running

Corkle Oil Company, LLC believes in combining a quality product with customer service. This combination assures that customers receive the best of the best. This time of year is the busiest with it being haying season, you will find their fuel trucks running non-stop keeping area ranchers tanks on full.

Since 1951, when “Big” George was an agent for Standard Oil to present day, Corkle Oil Company LLC has been involved in community activities and service to the community. Starting in early 1960’s Corkle Oil Company LLC has actively participated as a buyer at the fair, has donated to school activities and organizations, and more currently as a member of the North Park Visitors Bureau. By being active in the community, Corkle Oil Company can better identify the need/wants of their customers.

George Corkle, Sr. first started in the fuel business when he was hired by Standard Oil of Indiana, to be the agent for Walden and the surrounding area. February 1, 1951, proved to be a challenging starting date as George recalls not moving the truck or delivering a drop of fuel for the first two weeks of employment, due to temperatures hovering around -55 degrees below zero!

For the next 25 years George continued to work for Standard Oil, first as an agent then purchasing the business from Amoco Oil (formerly known as Standard Oil of Indiana) in October 1976. Corkle’s Oil Company was born!

After purchasing the business George became a Jobber for Amoco Oil Company and continued to grow the business through demanding work and service to customers. In 1977, after graduating, Georges’ son, George Patrick began working with his father and took over the majority of fuel deliveries.

For the next 20 years, father and son continued to provide a quality product and excellent service to customers in and serving customers in and Albany County Wyoming.

January 1, 1997 George P. Corkle purchased the majority of Corkle’s Oil Company from his father and Corkle Oil Company LLC was started. Both father and son continued to work together, but “Big” George was moving into semi-retirement, and was not as active in day to day activities.

Currently Corkle Oil Company is managed entirely by George P. Corkle and wife Trish. They also operate North Park Propane. The luxury of Corkle Oil and North Park Propane is the design and layout of their operation. Anyone with a big rig, pulling a trailer or just needing a little more space than convenience store parking can find elbow room at the filling station located at Grant and 3rd Street.

Corkle Oil Company LLC is a wholly owned family business and continues to provide a quality product and excellent service. Find Corkle Oil Co on the web or call them at 970-723-4455 for more information. You can also reach them by EMAIL.

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