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Clarinet Student Marches For Patriotism

July is over! How did that happen so quickly?

One highlight was the Colorado Masonic Band Camp. This scholarship program was for 9th-11th grade Colorado High School students. The students were to have musical expertise in at least one instrument. Music students of great caliber and musical ability were selected by their home Music teacher to attend. The camp was hosted by the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, was attended by 55 schools and participation included 99 students.

Jazmin Martinez was the representative for our school, playing clarinet, learning to march, rehearsing, learning dance steps for the parade and wearing the American red, white and blue, topped off with a straw cowboy hat!

Saturday morning found all the kids out marching around parking lots, streets, sidewalks and grassy areas. Jazmin has never marched but learned quickly. It was not a formal parade style, but a great community outreach. Sunshine, marching and music were so fun.

Going to camp was building her belief in herself, her music, new skills and creating a network to enjoy people who celebrate music. She had a roommate and met so many friends. I knew that they were to have High School time alone to meet and greet, and every day when I came to see her, it was great to see her network grow! She also had a clarinet instructional staff member that worked in sectional practice with her and other clarinets. He worked on every single piece, emphasized rhythms, tonal sound, breathing, dynamics, balance and blend. She has never had to memorize music here in North Park, but she mastered that technique with three pieces. Uptown Funk, God Bless America and the Star-Spangled Banner. She was a spirit leader during the parade, as you will see her breaking rank and file, to go welcome the people who came to watch. She represented North Park with joy!

The Colorado Masonic Band camp was completely free once she arrived in Greeley. They had instructional staff for every section in the band. She also had quality time in the dorm with roommates, eating meals, activities and outside rehearsal for music and marching style practice. Participants were provided with shirts and cowboy hats and offered scholarships for two advanced University students. To facilitate the week, they had nurses, assistants, sponsors, the Denver Props Orchestra, CHSAA, and several businesses that offered money and people to help. The students presented a concert on July 3 honoring the Masonic Lodges and Masonic Families.

Please ask Jazmine where she will be playing this year. She enjoyed her time and wants to participate in the event again. She would like to continue to perform, play with and motivate others to participate in band. Advanced music opportunities are available with motivate her to excel. Music is a great team sport!

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