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Endless Blooms Dot The Valley

Picasso would have loved the magnificent spread of wildflowers that decorated the North Park landscape this summer. The wonky summer weather that included monsoon rains in early August extended our wildflower season by weeks. The variety and types were endlessly blooming, leaving joy around every corner for those that enjoy the blooming beauties.

Today I share a simple photo blog of just a few of my favorites I found through the summer as I enjoyed the blessing I’m lucky to live in, North Park. Most I know the names of and have a kindred friendship with as I spent many summer days playing in the meadows of them in the woods as a child. Please enjoy a small sampling of North Parks wonderful wildflowers. If you have images or knowledge of the ones posted, please share in our forum.

The North Park wildflowers is a new topic added to the Adventure section in the forum and you are invited to share pictures, memories or your knowledge of anything wildflower related! The forum is a wonderful place to learn more and share about the wonders of North Park.

Tucked away in a few spots one can still seek out the beauty of wildflowers that early frost hasn't struck with the kiss of death. Last week on a hike at Big Creek there we found gorgeous patches of fireweed and a few Indian Paintbrush dotting the hillsides. Fall is quickly approaching though and the blooms that reside won't be there for long.

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